Monday, December 21, 2009


O God of Elizabeth and Mary, you visited your servants with news of the world's redemption in the coming of the Savior. Make our hearts leap with joy,and fill our mouths with songs of praise,that we may announce glad tidings of peace,and welcome the Christ in our midst. Amen.


Brothers and sisters,as we joyfully await the glorious coming of the Christ, let us pray for the needs of the church, our community, and the world. God of promise, you have given us a sign of your love through the gift of Jesus Christ, our Savior, who was promised from ages past. We believe as Joseph did the message of your presence whispered by an angel, and offer our prayers for your world, confident of your care and mercy for all creation. Amen.

Shepherd of Israel, you gently support the one who is with child and call forth the Lamb who dances in the womb, Stir our hearts to recognize Christ's coming,as Elizabeth recognized his presence in Mary's radiant obedience to your desire, an open our souls to receive the one who came to love your flock. Amen.
by Vanderbit Divinity Library

May the Love of God and the Peace of Christ be in your Hearts each day. 1John 4:16